Children's Camp

We had an amazing time at Children's Camp this summer!  The number of kids participating was far greater than we ever imagined!  Although we had a great camp, our children and sponsors have expressed an interest in attending a children's missions camp next summer (2018).  This will be a GA/RA themed camp (boys and girls will attend camp at the same facility at the same time but will have separate activities).  Stay tuned for more information, dates, etc.

Please keep in mind that all campers and sponsors who will be receiving camp scholarships or any type of financial aid for camp must participate in fundraisers.  19 of our GA girls and 5 of our sponsors have already earned one point  toward fundraiser participation by making crafts to be sold in a silent auction.  The RA boys will be completing craft project at their campout on Oct. 6.  Please try to attend as many fundraisers as possible to ensure that funds are available if you need them.