Summer Camp


Many of us have fond memories of attending church camp when we were younger.  At Calvary Baptist Church, we recognize the value of the summer camp experience to children and teens.  Certainly sleep away camp fosters a sense of independence and boosts self confidence in a way that helps each individual begin to grow into the young man or woman that God intends for them to ultimately become; and the friendships forged during a week at camp tend to stand the test of time, as many can attest.  Far more importantly, though, church camp can be a life changing experience for many young people as they feel God speaking to them, often for the first time.  The daily Bible study in the company of their fellow believers provides a unique setting for these young hearts to learn to hear God's voice and to seek Him, equipping them to face their futures with a newfound hope and joy.


Summer 2017

We sent groups to two different camps this summer, and they were both amazing!  Our youth (grades 7-12) attending camp at Falls Creek in June, and our children (grades 1-6) attended camp at Lake Lavon in July.  Both camps had obvious impact on our children and teens and we are already working on plans for camp next summer!  At this time we are anticipating taking our youth back to Falls Creek for summer camp 2018 and taking our children to GA/RA Camp.  Stay tuned for more information about this very important ministry.

Please note:  All campers and sponsors who will be receiving camp scholarships or financial aid of any kind to attend camp will be required to participate in camp fundraisers.  Please try to participate in as many as possible to ensure that funds will be available for you or your child.  Please try not to wait until the last minute, as we do not yet know exactly how many fundraiser events will be taking place and we would hate for you to be left out.

The GA's (girls grades 1-6) have already conducted their first fundraiser event with 19  girls and 5 sponsors participating to make crafts that will be sold in a silent auction.  The RA boys will be making crafts for the same purpose at their campout on Oct. 6.  The silent auction will be held in conjunction with a spaghetti dinner on Saturday, November 4, from 12-2 PM.