Who's Your One?

Our "Who's Your One?" Emphasis will run

from September 2019 to September 2020.


We are excited to be participating in the North American Mission Board's "Who's Your One?" campaign over the next year.  We are kicking off the campaign with a sermon emphasis on "Who's Your One?" on Sunday mornings during the month of September.  

On the first Sunday of September all those in attendance were given a "Who's Your One?" bookmark and were encouraged to write the first name of someone they know who they would like to see come to Christ on a tear off portion.  Participants then brought their torn off cards down to the altar during the invitation and our revival prayer team arranged them on a bulletin board in the main hallway.  As each person laid their card on the altar they were given a 30-day prayer guide. (If you missed this event, you can obtain a bookmark and prayer guide in the church office.)

It is our hope and prayer that those whose names have been written on these cards will come to know Christ as their personal saviour over the course of the next 12 months.  As these people come to Christ, we will stamp their card "saved".  


For more information on the North American Mission Board's "Who's Your One?" campaign click here.