Rockin' Grannies and Grampas



Rockin' Grannies and Grampas!

At Calvary Baptist Church, our older folks rock!  Rockin' Grannies and Grampas is an amazing program that enlists some of our older members who may not feel physically up to the task of volunteering in the nursery to simply sit and rock a baby.  Our Rockin' Grannies and Grampas are people who love babies and have valuable wisdom to impart, even though they are not physically as spry as they once were.  Rockin' Grannies and Grampas are not expected to ever change a diaper, stand or walk while holding a child, or pick up a child.  Their job is to simply sit in a rocking chair, rock a baby after it is placed in their arms, and perhaps give a bottle.  We strongly encourage our Rockin' Grannies and Grampas to softly pray over the babies or sing to them as they rock.  If a problem arises or the baby needs to be changed, the paid nursery worker and other adult volunteers are on hand to take the baby, resolve the problem, then hand it back to its Rockin' Granny or Grampa. 

If you would like to participate in our Rockin' Granny and Grampa program, please see Bro. Tim.