Bicycle Repair Ministry


The Denison Police Department has partnered with us by periodically donating large numbers of unclaimed bicycles from their storage lockers to us for repair, refurbishing, and redistribution to those in need.  This has made it possible for us to provide bicycles to children who would otherwise not have one, and also to some adults who are in need of a transportation.  Each year we hold a Bike Day, or bicycle rodeo for the children, to provide them with bicycle safety training and give them the opportunity to hone their skills by riding a series of obstacle courses.  Many children who come to Bike Day do not have a bicycle, so in addition to training them how to safely ride a biycle, we are able to also gift them with a good used bicycle of their very own.  We have a dedicated bicycle repair room in our church building, where the work is done to get these bicycles ready for new owners.  From time to time, neighborhood children come to the church to ask for air for their tires or other minor adjustments to be made to their bicycles.

If you enjoy working on bicycles, consider becoming a part of our bicycle repair team.