Children's Church Volunteers


Each week we utilize volunteers to help out with Children's Church.  Our children and adult volunteers begin the Sunday morning worship service in the main sanctuary with the adults.  Partway through the song service, when Mr. Noonie announces that it is time for the children to be dismissed to chidren's church, the children and their leaders exit the sanctuary and go to the chapel, where the children have their own service.  The children's church service is designed to mirror the adult service and is intended to teach the children how to worship and participate in the adult service. (On family worship days, the children remain in the sanctuary with the adults to practice what they have learned.)  Children's church is lead each week by Ms. Cindy.  Most of the time we are able to conduct children's church with only one additional adult volunteer, but at times (when attendance is particularly high) we need additional volunteers.  Our children's church volunteers sit with the children during the children's service and participate with them as they sing worship songs and then listen quietly to the children's message.  If you would like to volunteer to help out with children's church on a rotating schedule, please see Bro. Tim or Ms. Cindy.



Office: 903-465-6003, Cell: 903-821-8125