Barnabas Pantry


Our Barnabas Pantry is a ministry which enables us to provide groceries to those who are in need.  This is a very real ministry of our church, and we typically have several people each week who request help with groceries.  Most often these are people who have recently experienced some upheaval in their lives and have had to suddenly move or relocate to the apartments or motels near our church and just need a little extra help to get by until their next paycheck.  Less often, we have the opportunity to help homeless individuals.  Our Barnabas Pantry has also been utilized to help our own church members in times of crisis. 


Because it if an often used resource, our Barnabas Pantry is always in need of food donations.  When shopping for the pantry, please remember that, while some of the groceries do go to families in established homes, most of the food goes to those who are finding themselves in temporary quarters without the means to cook food.  Our greatest need is for "ready to eat" items with pull tab tops.  (Many of the people who utilize this ministry do not have access to a can opener).  The most popular items are vienna sausages, tuna, and other canned meats, canned fruits, soups, crackers, and toiletry items such as shampoo, soap and toothpaste.


Donations can be dropped off at the church office.  Contact Bro. Tim if you would like to volunteer to help sort the food in the Barnabas Pantry.