Girls In Action


Girls in Action (GA's) is a missions discipleship organization for girls in grades 1-6. Through GA, girls can be a part of an organization that makes an eternal impact.  In GA, girls focus on six areas of missions:

Praying for missions

Engaging in mission action and witnessing

  Learning about missions

Developing spiritually toward a missions lifestyle

Participating in the work of the church and the denomination


Each month the girls will stidy a specific missions area.  They will pray for missionaries and missionary kids. Our group will also participate in ministry projects that will help the girls understand and reach out to meet the needs of others.  Girls will learn how to share their faith in practical and exciting ways.


On the fourth Wednesday of every month, our GA girls participate in an exciting achievement plan called GA Journey.  GA Journey helps the girls personalize and reinforce the missions concepts that they learn during regular GA sessions, and challenges the girls to grow in missions discipleship.  Through GA Journey our girls have the opportunity to earn their GA vests and achievement badges.  


Girls in GA also have the opportunity to attend GA Camp with our group for a week during the summer.  GA Camp is a fun time for our girls to gather together with GA groups from other churches and share their common goals.  During camp the girls have a lot of fun, but they also spend time in Bible study and working on mission projects.  Typically during camp the girls experience a lot of personal growth spiritually, emotionally, and in their own self-confidence.  


We always welcome any girls in grades 1-6 to join us!  Our GA group meets on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 PM.  We encourage the girls (and their families, if they wish) to join us before class at 6:00 PM for dinner each week.  There is no cost to become a GA or to join us for Wednesday evening meals.  If you need the church bus to provided you with transportation to and from church, please call the church office at 903-465-6003 before 4 PM.  (Parents will need to sign a release form before the children can ride the bus.)  


Our GA girls have been busy lately, with a wonderful GA Recognition Service at the end of August.  (Did you see the picture of our GA Chapter featured in the new print book "GA Recognition" from the WMU?)  We also enjoyed a fabulous GA Sleepover with 19 giggling girls and 5 adults in early September.  The girls worked hard on crafts that will be sold in an upcoming silent auction to help raise money for next summer's GA Camp!